10 Inch Woven Succulent Planter

Finally our product has arrived at our store front on Amazon. CLICK HERE TO ORDER . Our first release is the Jute Rope black & white Storage Decorative Baskets for Plants. They are preferably suited for 10 inch woven Succulent planter actual size of this plant basket is 11″ x 11″ ideally used on terracotta, Clay, Ceramic & Plastic Planters. It Fits 7” 8″ 9″ 10″ and up to 11 inches’ planter for indoor flower Pots.10 inch woven planter

These beautiful handcrafted all natural cotton Woven Storage Baskets is suitable for all your indoor decorative planter needs. They’re not restricted for planter storage pots but can also be used to store anything (small items) laying around the house. Some people store Magazines, Laundry, Clothing, Kids Toy, Books, Towel or you can even replace those old outdated wicker storage baskets.

These 10 inch plant pot basket can be used anywhere in the house. Most people use this woven plant basket as a Decorative Baskets for Plants in the living room, Bedroom, Bathroom, on Kitchen floor, on top of shelves or even in offices. You’ll definitely get compliments from your family members and friends.

These Cotton Jute Rope Basket Perfectly fits round cylinder type plant pots, containing any type of indoor clean air flower plants. Plants like the peace lily, aloe plant, philodendron, areca palm, snake plant, succulent plants, orchid and may more environmentally friendly indoor plants.

They’re very easy to clean. If you have areas that are covered with dirt on this 10” Woven Plant Basket, it can easily be cleaned by just mixing some baking soda and water or you can use a piece of cloth and some diluted soap on to the dirty areas and brush it with a clean strong brush.

Our fabric planter storage baskets are made from all natural 100% cotton woven rope with natural dye. It’s Eco-friendly and good for the environment. It’s a perfect gift for anyone or any occasions. Each Large White planter is handmade so you might see a slight difference between them.

Tips on how to quickly restore original shape of this 10 inch Succulent Planter once you received it. Usually when the basket is shipped it comes in a flatten package, don’t be alarm. It’s perfectly normal with these types of cotton woven baskets. They’re couple of things you can do to easily restore it to its natural shape. If you have a hand held steamer or an iron to iron it from the inside or just fill the basket with some cloth, towels or blankets. It will take its natural shape once again.

You can buy this wonderful handcrafted woven basket from our amazon store front.
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